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 Central Federation


Traditional Shotokan



The CFTS has been teaching students of all ages Shotokan Karate since its inception in 1994 and has clubs all over the Milton Keynes and Bedford areas.

Our Chief Instructor is Renshi Andy Kidby, 7th Dan.

Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy your stay!




Starting at the club of your choice on a date you choose before the end of December 2016

Training available at all clubs all through the summer !!

No special clothing necessary

Adults & children (over 6 yrs) welcome

  Offer is also open to those who previously trained and want to return to a martial art  


Contact the club of your choice (click on the link below) to secure your place

(Not available at after school clubs)

CFTS Karate Clubs - Locations & Information



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How to navigate around our site:

On the Top Menu you'll find the links to.....

News - Catch up on the latest new, events, calendars, photos and videos of our events

Clubs - Where are the clubs, when do they train? See in-depth information on each CFTS club

Syllabus - CFTS grading syllabus for Kyu and Dan grades

Information - Useful information about Shotokan Karate and CFTS, karate masters and readers articles

Federation - CFTS history, administration & licensing, forms, instructors and competitions


On the Left Hand Pane you can view.....

Latest Articles - Catch up on newly published and updated articles

Search - A powerful search engine if you can't locate something through the menus

Newsletter - Sign up for the CFTS newsletter (if you relicensed in January 2014, you're already registered!)

Social Media sites - Links to your favourite social media sites - Please recommend this site!

Inside CFTS - Some extra links to important CFTS information like the geanology trees etc.

CFTS on Facebook - Read the latest from our CFTS Facebook group and chat to other CFTS Members


Please have a look around our site, we value your feedback so let us know anything you like, don't like, can't find, as we are endeavouring to make it even better than before.

Send us your thoughts & comments via our Contact Us Form

This site is a great resource for all our students and other visitors to use and we know it will prove useful in your progress through karate.

Enjoy your time here and welcome, to the karate website of the

Central Federation of Traditional Shotokan





CFTS are proud to be a founder member of this non-political martial arts body after meeting stringent criteria.

For more information about MASA, goto www.martialartstandards.org




For reviews of hotels, businesses & restaurants in Bedford.

Tell us where to avoid and connect with others in Bedford.


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CFTS on Facebook

04 Dec 2016 - 08:53
Sammy Doo Just sorry to have missed the training opportunity... family related duties. 04 Dec 2016 - 09:23
Salvatore Chiodo So proud of both my Boys Karl Chiodo and Angelo Chiodo. Both work really hard and have progressed so much with massive thanks to Renshi , he has developed them , given them confidence and dicipline. Thank you Renshi for all your hard work ..
03 Dec 2016 - 13:21
Salvatore Chiodo Angela Chiodo 03 Dec 2016 - 13:21 Angela Chiodo Totally agree, so proud of my boys. X 03 Dec 2016 - 13:24
Angela Chiodo Well done to all that graded today. X
03 Dec 2016 - 09:21
Sammy Doo Ganbatte ... no matter what your age give it your all in life, grading and in training.
03 Dec 2016 - 07:16
Sammy Doo A little follow on from Tuesday's training, for those wishing to know the Japanese term for head butt.... the first term that should come to mind could be... atama (head) ate (smash) waza (technique) ....others, options a little more obscure are : Zutsuki – Head butting , head butt. Zutsukiwosuru – to butt heads Toubu ate – cranium smash Hitogashira ate – skull , cranium smash. A well founded technique often ommited from bunkai as recorded by many an eminent martial arts master... “The atemi delivered with the head are essentially defensive atemi against a frontal or rear waist hold. The atemi with the head must be placed from close quarters by suddenly contracting the muscles of the neck without shifting the body. For that purpose you should practice turning your head to right and left, bending it far forward and backwards and making it pivot much in the same way as the fist about the wrist.” Source : “My Method of Self Defense” Mikinosuke Kawaishi (7th dan) .....Ganbatte ! (persist,do your best) for all those grading this weekend, there should be no dependence on luck involved ... a successful grading is a just result for a perseverance to committed training ...both in an out of the dojo....Osu.
02 Dec 2016 - 12:42