Saturday February 3rd 2018 14:30 Robert Howell
Wado-Ryu Course
Saturday April 21st 2018 14:30 Paul Herbert
Competition Karate Course
Saturday July 7th 2018 14:30 Leigh Simms
Karate Self Defence Course
Saturday November 10th 2018 14:30 Minh Chung
Shotokai Course


Please be aware of the following regarding ALL 2018 courses;

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance from your regular dojo sensei
  • All courses will be held at the Hastingsbury School/Challenge Academy in Kempston



  • Remember, if you are over yellow belt or over eleven years of age, you must attend at least one course per year.
  • Students above brown belt and all Dan grades are expected to attend every course!
  • Club instructors please impress upon your students why they should be attending these courses.



The table below is a list of the past CFTS courses.

These were intended to further enhance your karate portfolio.

Check your license! Check your memory! How many did you attend?

2018 Feb 3rd Robert Howell's Wado Ryu Course A great and understated course showing us the Wado Ryu way, focussing on Pinan Godan, bunkai and kumite
2017 Nov 11th Sensei Andi Kidd Environment Training Fascinating look at environmental karate in a challenging way, enjoyed by all
  July 8th Shihan Holmes Block/Strike Flow Course Another interesting and challenging blocking and striking flow from Shihan Holmes
  April 8th Executive Instructors Kata Course Kata and Bo Kata from the Executive Instructors Kidby, McClagish & O'Reilly
  Feb 4th Shihan Floris Kumite Course A great kumite course from a great instructor
 2016 Nov 12th  Shihan Andi Kidd Kata & Bunkai Course           This course was groundwork based around bunkai from Heian Shodan
  July 9th Kata & Bunkai with Shihan Elena Floris Focussing on Gojoshiho-sho with bunkai, a great afternoon with CFTS's first visiting lady instructor.
  May 14th Shinkukai Course with Shihan Harrison karate from a Shinkukai perspective, interesting and hard kumite
  Feb 6th Shotokai Course with Minh Chung Focussing on Meikyo, another great Shotokai course from Minh Chung and his associate instructors
2015 Nov 14th Shihan Holmes JuJitsu Course With great humour and exceptional skill, Shihan Holmes took us through locks, restraints and some groundwork
  July 11th Andi Kidd Kata Bunkai Course Sensei Andi Kidd took us through some interesting bunkai from Heian Nidan and Bassai Dai
  May 17th Shihan Wayne Bo Course Unfortunately due to ill health, Shihan Wayne could not attend so Renshi Kidby took us through some Bo kata bunkai
  Feb 7th Harada Sensei Shotokai Course Harada Sensei's senior instructors took us through the Shotokai way of Heian Yondan, Ji'on and ten-no-kata kumite
2014 Nov 15th Shihan Holmes Course Shihan took us through defence against blunt and edged weapons
  July 12th Shihan Sahota Kata Bunkai Course Shihan Sahota took us through some kata bunkai from Taikyoku Shodan to Unsu
  May 18th CFTS Executive Course   Our top three CFTS instructors took us through kumite, kata and weapon defence
  Feb 8th Minh Chung Shotokai Course Harada Sensei's top instructor took us through Shotokai's Bassai Dai with bunkai
2013 Nov 16th Shihan Jeff Sawyer Groundwork Course Shihan Sawyer took us through groundwork defense scenarios
  Jul 6th Paul Raymond Kata Course ESKA 6th Dan Sensei Paul Raymond worked with us on Chinte & Tekki Sandan bunkai
  May 18th Renshi Kidby Bo Course Replacing Shihan Wayne at short notice, Renshi Kidby took us through Bo Jitsu Beru
  Feb 2nd Shihan Donovan Slue Kumite Course A firm CFTS favourite, Shihan Slue worked us hard in an afternoons kumite training
2012 Nov 17th Shihan Holmes Another great course from long time favourite Shihan Holmes
  Jul 7th Shihan Sahota A demanding kumite, sparring and sweeping course from 7th dan Shihan Sahota
  May 19th Shihan Wayne Kung-Fu Course A different slant on the way we usually train, Shihan Wayne gave a great session
  Feb 11th Shihan Donovan Slue Competition Kumite In preparation for competition, Shihan Slue put us through our kumite paces
2011 Nov 12th Shihan Jeff Sawyer Knife Defense Course First course with knife master Jeff Sawyer
  Jul 2nd Shihan Donovan Slue Kumite course, not for the faint hearted!
  May 8th Kyoda-Kara-Gijutsu with Sensei McClagish Sensei McClagish's 5th Dan grading brought this innovative & thought provoking course
  Feb 12th Shihan Holmes Jittsu course of blocks and restraints
2010 Nov 13th Shihan Craig Finch Course Matsuri style and body conditioning
  Jul 10th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course Unfortunately cancelled.
  May 15th Shihan Holmes Flowing and continual movement was the theme
  Feb 13th Kakon Course with Sensei O'Reilly Sensei O'Reilly's 5th Dan Grading showed why he is held in such high regard by all
2009 Nov 14th Shihan Bob Spoor Knife Defence Course Ex-SAS instructor Bob Spoor showed us some ways to use a knife
  Jul 11th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course High grade kata from the master
  May 16th Shihan Holmes Blunt weapon defence
  Feb 14th Shihan Sahota Kumite course
2008 Nov 15th Shihan Craig Finch Bo & Karate Course Bo and kumite
  May 17th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course The five basic attacks in hidari & migi - brain overload!
  Feb 9th Shihan Holmes Jiyu-Jittsu Course Takedowns, throws, strikes, the very best of Shihan Holmes
2007 Nov 17th Shihan Sahota Freestyle with takedowns and throws
  May 19th Sensei Terry Coughtree Self-Defence Always remembered for "Get back! Stand back!"
  Apr 28th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course Two onto one out on the grass
  Feb 24th Shihan Bob Spoor Knife Defence Course Knife defence scenarios
  Jan 27th Shihan Donovan Slue Freestyle Course Shihans favourite freestyle combinations
2006 Nov 18th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course Okori jiyu-ippon combinations
  May 6th Shihan Holmes Self-Defence Course Self defence with locks and throws
  Feb 18th Shihan Craig Finch A weapons day, with bo and sai
2005 Nov 19th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course Kumite and bunkai to the Heian katas
  May 14th Shihan Holmes Groundwork with locks and chokes
  Feb 19th Shihan Craig Finch Evasion, throws, lock and restraints - that was an afternoon!
2004 Nov 20th Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan Course Basics and freestyle, ending with Bassai-Sho bunkai
  May 15th Shihan Holmes Self defence course out in the gardens


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