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Have you read the latest 2018 articles and revisions?

Read them here:


Zanshin: a state of mind?

A Brief History of Kata

Japanese Weaponry - 2018 revision

A Tale of Kata - 2018 revision





Get ready for the next CFTS course,  Saturday April 21st 2018 !!



Robert Howell's Wado Ryu Course

There was a great turnout for this course, enjoyed by all ages and grades.

Read the report here: Wado Ryu Course Report 3rd February 2018



Shodan Candidates - this one's for you....

Prospective Shodan candidates, see the updated list of what is required for your grading:

Check it out here: Shodan - 1st Dan Black Belt



Kyu Gradings - December 2017

Read the report and view the images from the recent kyu gradings in Milton Keynes & Bedford areas here:

Report and images coming soon.......


Shihan Andi Kidd Environmental Training Course

Read the report on the recent course here: Shihan Andi Kidd Environmental Training Course Report



Dan Gradings - 7th October 2017


After a mentally and physically challenging grading, Senseis Simon McMahon & Pam Waterhouse were awarded 4th Dan.

Read Renshi Kidby's report here:- Dan Gradings - October 2017



Kyu Gradings - September 2017

Read the report and view the images from the recent kyu gradings in Milton Keynes & bedford areas here:

Kyu Gradings - September 2017



Great North Run - Sunday 10th September 2017

This annual event is being run by Sensei Pam Waterhouse and Nicky Matheron from Newton Longville club.

It would be great if you could sponsor them on behalf of MIND - The Mental Health Charity through their pages;

On behalf of these two brave ladies, let's wish them the best of everything (and try not to lap Sir Mo Farah too many times!!) and help them and their chosen charity.

Thank you!




Shihan Andi Kidd Course - November 2017

The next and final course of 2017 will be on 12th November at our usual course dojo.

The instructor will be Shihan Andi Kidd and the content will be something new to the vast majority of you, something Shihan calls environment training which will be done in shoes and street clothes.

Book the date now! You will not want to miss this course.


Shihan Holmes Course


See the Gallery for more images from the event




CFTS Competition Day - Saturday 20th May 2017 - The Results

View the results and winners images here: Competition Day May 2017

Go to the Gallery for more images: News/Event Photo Galleries/Events 2017



Executive Instructors Kata Workshop Report

A report on the recent kata workshop will be available soon!

Read Ben Holloway's report here: Executive Instructors Kata Workshop Report


Once again a big thank you must go out to Salvatore Chiodo for providing the images we use on the website reports and galleries. A parent of students and a great photographer, he manages to capture the spirit of the event and we are in his debt for doing so. Many thanks Salvatore!!



CFTS Feedback Form

If you have any concerns or any comments to make about CFTS, then please download this form and send it in to Renshi Kidby.

We at CFTS need your feedback and thoughts to ensure the continual successful running of this federation.

Download the form here: CFTS Feedback Form



Shihan Elena Floris Kumite Course

Shihan Elena Floris returned for a Kumite Course recently

Read the report here: Shihan Floris Kumite Course Report 

See the Gallery for more images


Sensei Andy Gillies - London to Brighton Bike Ride

Sensei Gillies is again doing the London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

You can help him raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page -

JustGiving sends your donation straight to British Heart Foundation and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Thank you for your support!


Heian Shodan Kata and Bunkai course with Shihan Andi Kidd

The course was a great success, read here: Shihan Andi Kidd Course Report

See the images in the Gallery, under:

News / Event Photo Galleries / Events 2016 / 2016 Andi Kidd



Shotokan Kata Video Links

Due to copyright infringement regulations, we are unable to link to the Kanazawa Sensei YouTube video. However, we have been given permission by Sensei Paul Walker of SKIF to link to his videos.

Sensei Walker trained in Japan under Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei. Most of the videos contain a commentary which will help students learn and understand the kata.

View them here: Shotokan Kata Video Links



CFTS Anti Bullying Policy

Will all club instructors, dan grades and students make themselves aware of the CFTS Anti Bullying Policy

Read here: CFTS Anti Bullying Policy



Need help with the striking points and other karate terminology?

Read here: Karate Terminology/Reference



September 2016 Kyu Gradings

September Kyu gradings were a great success for both Bedford and Milton Keynes areas.

Read more here: Kyu Gradings - September 2016



New Clubs Join the Federation !!

Please join us in welcoming two new after school clubs in the Bletchley, Milton Keynes area:



Click on the links to view more information!



A definition of Karate.....

Karate a definition but not definitively for it is many things to many different people. Derived from a Japanese word meaning “empty hand,” karate is just that -- a martial art in which no weapons are used. Karate’s early styles are believed to have originated as early as the 1300s.

In Okinawa, Anko Itosu, wrote the "10 Precepts of Karate” in 1908, giving birth to the martial art’s code. This was later enhanced to 20 precepts by Gichin Funakoshi. Karate consists of weapon-less striking in which the legs and hands become as swords and spears.

Karate is supremely valuable because of not only its health benefits, but also its role as a self-defense tool. It is useful for all ages regardless of size, fitness and suppleness. According to the precepts, it can also be used, “ as a way of avoiding a fight should one be confronted by a villain or potential assailant.”

Famous practitioners of karate are/were Bruce Lee, Dolph Lundgren, Sean Connery, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone & Frank Bruno to name but a few.

The highest ever ranked Shotokan Karate Instructor isKancho Hirokazu Kanazawa (born 1931) who has attained 10th Dan having trained for over 70 years.

Karate means many things to many people - what does it mean for you?






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