A TALE OF KATA - 2018 revision
Early one day just as the Hangetsu was fading in the morning sky and the sun was rising, Jiin awoke. He stared dreamily Kankudai out of his window watching the Enpi as they floated magically as if Unsu. The skies were darkening and the breeze picked up. Knowing he was due to visit Jion shortly he roused himself looking in his Meikyo as he dressed to ensure he looked his best speedily using his Chinte.    
Once ready, he left home and hadn’t gone but Nijushiho when he heard a Gojushiho in the distance. Again he was drawn to Kankusho and could see evidence of a storm brewing. Simultaneously over the water he saw a Gankaku. Beyond that high in the sky the clouds were moving faster now, rapidly changing shapes, one looking as if it were a supernatural being. Did it have Jitte or maybe even Sepai?
The wind was now blowing much stronger and rain falling quite hard. Leaves and debris flew all around him. So strong was the storm now he felt it could even Bassaidai but certainly a Bassaisho. Jiin stilled himself and stood there as Seienchin. Yet even in the middle of such mayhem he thought how truly blessed he was to enjoy his life no matter what descended upon him. He continued his way to Jion truly with a Heian smiling contentedly to himself.
Could you work it out?
The challenge is can you do better?


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