Sai Trapping Bo Staff
By Sensei Finch

Dan Grade Circle Training
By various Dan Grades (approx 2min 23 secs)

Weapon Attack & Defence
By Renshi Kidby & Shihan O'Reilly at the Bletchley Kyu Gradings (approx 1min 23 secs)

Line Training
By CFTS Dan Grades at 2008 Open Day

Kumite (Freestyle) Exhibition Match
By Shihan O'Reilly & Sensei Toms at 2008 CFTS Open Day

Street Style Knife Defense Scenario
By Sensei M Shield & Sensei A Shield at 2008 CFTS Open Day

Gankaku Sho Group Dan Grade Kata
By CFTS Dan Grades at 2008 CFTS Open Day

Bo Staff Freestyle Kumite
By Renshi Kidby & Sensei Nelson at 2008 CFTS Open Day 

Sepai Bunkai with Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan

By Shihan Randall & Renshi Kidby


Please Note:

Some of these movie files are quite big and could take several minutes to download - especially for non-broadband users..

If the playback is jerky then wait till it has fully streamed/downloaded to your computer - then rewind & play the movie again.


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