Sanbon Kumite set 1 is the traditional three attack sparring sequence, with attacks of jodan oi-zuki, chudan oi-zuki and maegeri chudan. The defences are age-uke, soto-uke, gedan-barai and gyaka-zuki counter. This set is similar to Kihon Ippon set 1 but with continuous attacks.
Important: This set is a requirement of the CFTS 7th kyu grading syllabus

Click here to view the Sanbon Kumite Set 1 video clip


Note: Apart from opening and closing yoi stance, all stances in this set are zenkutsu-dachi
Attacker and defender are both in yoi
Attacker: Step back left gedan-barai

Attacker: Step forward right jodan oi-zuki

Defender: Step back left age-uke


Attacker: Step forward left chudan oi-zuki

Defender: Step back right soto-uke


Attacker: Step forward right mae-geri

Defender: Step back left gedan-barai

Defender: Counter with right gyaka-zuki
Attacker and defender return to yoi


  cftslogo Sanbon Kumite Set 2 >>>


This syllabus is intended as a guide only and to assist with personal training. In a grading the order of the techniques may be changed as may the combinations themselves.
Any Kata and kumite from any previous grading should be expected to be performed thus ensuring continued practice.
N.B. Remember the attitude, etiquette, manners and above all the spirit displayed by the student whilst grading is as important as the techniques and combinations themselves.




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